Platform-ZERO innovations will be tested across 4 PV manufacturing lines across Europe

Smart coatings for PV

Technology maturity level: industrial production pilot line
Location: SPAIN

Lurederra smart coating line-flow powder production line (pilot line scale),operates based on a combination of production processes

  1. nanoparticle powder synthesis by flame spray pyrolysis
  2. Nano-dispersion preparation
  3. Manual or robot-assisted spraying on glass

High efficiency CIGS solar modules

Technology maturity level: Pre-industrial production like pilot line
Location: GERMANY

ZSW operates a production-like sheet-to-sheet pilot-line system for high efficiency CIGS PV cells and modules with maximum size 30×30 cm2. The PV modules architecture is Glass/Mo/CIGS/CdS/i- ZnO/Al:ZnO multi-stacked layers.

Customizable CIGS flexible solar foil

Technology maturity level: Pre-commercial industrial production
Location: AUSTRIA

Sunplugged operates roll-to-roll line for the production of flexible CIGS foil for customized PV with a potential production throughput of 1.2 MWp and is commissioning an additional 5 MWp line.

Perovskite solar modules

Technology maturity level: Industrial pilot line
Location: POLAND

SAULE‚Äôs pilot production line of perovskite PV modules (with a potential production throughput of 4 MW) is based on a sheet-to-sheet sequential multi-process, where a flexible substrate (up to 1×1 m2 size) is moved from station to station.