An overview of Platform-ZERO objectives, timeline and expected impacts.

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A two-pager summarizing our project.
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Platform-Zero will produce 35 deliverables within the 4 years of the project in which 7 of them are public and will be uploaded on this page when finalized. Please make sure to also follow our News page and social media to keep up to date with our research progress.

D7.1 Dissemination and Communication strategy, roadmap and KPIs

Description of the dissemination, exploitation and communication (DEC) plan initially defined within the project to maximize the broadcast of the project objectives and results to reach potential stakeholders including a list of events and the communication package, a communication roadmap and communication KPIs.

D7.2 Mid-term report on Dissemination and Communication activities and performance

Update of the DEC plan (D7.1) and description and tracking of the DEC activities performed during the first 24 months of the project.

D7.3 Final report on Dissemination and Communication activities and performance

Final report on the DEC activities performed throughout the project.

D7.4 Final multi-stakeholder event

Description of final multi-stakeholder event organized by R2M to present the policy recommendations and lessons learned during the project to potential stakeholders.

D7.10 Standardization and Regulation recommendations and contributions

Report on the analysis of the necessary standards and existing regulations relevant for the commercialization of the Platform-ZERO technology.

D8.1 Project management handbook

Description of the general strategies that will be followed for the scientific and technical management of the project and to monitor its quality during its implementation.

D8.2 Gender Equality plan

Plan to ensure that the Platform-ZERO project takes into account gender equality during its development.