Meet our partners | IREC, the Catalonia Energy Research Institute

The Platform-ZERO consortium is a multidisciplinary group of 12 partners all over Europe.
This month, we are happy to introduce IREC, the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research.

About IREC:

IREC is a publicly funded institution created in 2009 based in Barcelona that conducts innovative research over a wide range of disciplines within the science and technology energy field. IREC contributes to sustainable development via development of new technological solutions, promotion of scientific and technological know-how related to clean energy and its efficient use as well transfer of solution and expertise to market actors. The institute also supports the promotion of renewable energy technologies and assists political decision-makers. IREC has participated in more than 60 projects, with a portfolio of more than 7M€, it is a founding member of the Catalonia Energy Efficiency Cluster and KIC InnoEnergy. Additionally, IREC published 500+ peer-reviewed papers, holds 30+ patents and has supported the creation of 2 spin-off companies.

Role in the project:

In Platform-ZERO, IREC is the project coordinator and leads the advanced sensor station design and development. This involves (i) the updating of a 2nd generation database with characterization data obtained under simulated industrial conditions; (ii) the design and development of modular sensors compatible with in-line monitoring; and (iii) the design of specification-compatible advanced sensor stations.

Contact us:

Victor Izquierdo (Phys. Deg. 2005, PhD 2011) is Senior Researcher of the SEMS group at IREC, where he coordinates the Advanced optical characterization laboratory and the Process Monitoring Unit. His Research activities and interests are centred in the optical and structural characterization of innovative processes in thin film cost efficient PV technologies, with a special emphasis in the development of Optical based methodologies for quality control and process monitoring applications in Photovoltaics technologies. 

Ignacio Becerril-Romero is an experienced postdoc researcher specialized in the synthesis and advanced characterization of thin film PV devices and strongly focused on technology transfer from the lab to industrial environments of emergent PV technologies and of advanced inspection techniques and methodologies for process monitoring and quality control.