Meet our partners | Lurederra, “Making future”

The Platform-ZERO consortium is a multidisciplinary group of 12 partners all over Europe.

This month, we are happy to introduce Lurederra, a non-profit, private Technological Centre created in June 1999 by the association of several public authorities, financial organisations, R&TD organisations and companies in diverse productive fields, including environment, construction, power generation, consultancy, foodstuff production and others, totaling more than 20 independent entities.

Lurederra performs activities of Research & Technological Development on behalf of the industries and other economic agents within its sphere of influence, followed by implementation of the innovations developed at their production sites. The organisation is a Spanish CIT (Centre of Innovation and Technology) recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Science. The centre has a vast expertise in coordination and participation in European project proposals from FP5 to Horizon Europe.

In Platform-ZERO, Lurederra leads the Spanish project demonstrator on smart coatings for PV applications (i.e. Powder Line Flow).

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Tamara Oroz, Responsable Técnico I+D “Nanoproductos”

Beatriz Yécora Bujanda, Técnico de investigación y desarrollo