Platform-ZERO innovations at the ANUGA trade fair

Our partner Lenz Instruments is exhibiting at the Anuga trade fair, the world’s leading trade fair for food and beverages.

A poster is presented on the topic of adapting and transferring the Platform-ZERO methodology to meat processes. The communication is focused on two applications. The first one is the production of dry-cured ham, for which the implementation of advanced sensor stations combined with Artificial Intelligence algorithms could contribute to avoid meat losses, and discarded meat due to the presence of meat defects. The second potential application deals with the production of cooked ham. As in the previous case, the presence of defects of raw meat is responsible for meat losses and wasted meat during cooking and slicing operations, which could be avoided or mitigated by means of an approach similar to Platform-Zero.

To learn more about Lenz’s activities, connect with Jacobo Alvarez, Research Manager.