Platform-ZERO featured in Austrian media

Over the past weeks and months, our project has been highlighted in various magazines, in particular thanks to our project partners RISC Software GmbH and AIT, the Austrian Institute of Technology. Below is a selection of recent articles:

DerStandard: More sustainable production thanks to artificial intelligence ; Industrial AI offers the opportunity to make industry more innovative, sustainable and competitive; In this guest blog, Wolfgang Freiseisen writes about the opportunities of artificial intelligence in industry.

Upper Austrian News |  OÖN |  Nachrichten : Revolution in solar manufacturing: AI for error-free cells; An article which explains how RISC Software GmbH relies on AI and data analysis to perfect the next generation of solar cells.

DerStandard: EU wants to produce perfect solar cells with Austrian help; In order to keep up with the Asian competition in the production of photovoltaic systems, a few tricks are necessary

AIT News: EU Platform Zero project for zero-defect production in PV. To compete on a global scale in photovoltaic production, particularly against Asian, Europe is leveraging more efficient, automated production facilities along with the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to refine production processes. 

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